Let me ask you a question here. Which is largest organ of the human body? You are absolutely right folks! It’s none other than your lovely skin. You know what! Your skin is a really an incredible organ. You get a new skin after every 28-30 days. That’s fast enough for skin cells to undergo metabolism and reproduction. Now, there is a surprise for you!

There are people, whose skin cells metabolize and develop so rapidly that they get their new skin in almost 3-5 days. Isn’t that shocking? Well, that’s surely abnormal for a normal person to have this rapid transformation of skin cells.

These individuals tend to suffer from a rare skin disorder called Psoriasis. Although Psoriasis is rare, it is not contagious, as most of the people think of. Well, you can control Psoriasis. That’s again a surprise. Controlling psoriasis is easy rather than going for a complete overhaul of your skin.

The trusted Jungle Herbal Ointment can do wonders for you if applied on areas affected by psoriasis. The relief, the Jungle Herbal Ointment provides is simply second to none. Cheer up for Jungle Herbal Ointment as it cures almost all types of psoriasis. Try Jungle Herbal Ointment for yourself and feel the difference. Time is now.

It’s never too late to try out something as special as the Jungle Herbal Ointment. The magical formula used in Jungle Herbal Ointment has done the trick here. It really works well for dry skin affected by psoriasis.

Love your skin and get ready to start a treatment exclusively with the Jungle Herbal Ointment. The fast action relief formula of Jungle Herbal Ointment is just awesome that provides you the ultimate comfort that you deserve and desire.

What’s holding you back? Book your order now and feel the difference.



Jungle Herbal Ointment is a specially formulated herbal cream to treat psoriasis, piles, ring-warms, eczema, spot, Melanesia, itches(wet and dry), cholasma usual tumor plucking the hair pimple on head pimple heat thigh itch burst and cuts wound.

children nappies rashes, sting of honey bee and scorpion bites of insects and best for other diseases.

It contains ingredients from natural sources and enjoys a reputation of superior quality among our satisfied customers. Extracts from natural medicinal plants are incorporated which are effective against most skin diseases.

Jungle Herbal Ointment cream is effective for people of all ages with mild.


itches(wet and dry),
cholasma usual tumor plucking the hair pimple on head,
pimple heat thigh itch burst and cuts wound,
wound of beasts / Animal,
wound of birds,
wound of cattle protects from bursting of cow and buffalo breast,
wounds and cracking heals.

This is most perfect and successful treatment for wound of beasts,birds and cattle protects from bursting of cow and buffalo breast.


use as directed by a physician apply with fingertips two times daily to the effected areas use enough to cover the entire effected area the effected areas should be thoroughly based rinsed with warm water an patted dry before application.


Available in 10 gram tube packing.

Warning and Precautions:

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

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